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Donate a Horse

Donating Your Horse to S.H.E. Therapy

"Who among us has not as a child asked Santa Claus to bring us a pony on Christmas day?"


Thank you for considering S.H.E. Therapy for your horse. We are always on the search for new horses and ponies to join our program. Due to the nature of who we are, and what we do, we have some very specific requirements for our horses. It is often thought that therapeutic riding programs are a great place to retire horses to. This is not the case with S.H.E. Therapy. We feel that our horses need to be physically and mentally fit to enjoy their life and do well at what we ask them to do for us here.

The requirements for our horses are as follows:


•             The horse should be currently sound and has no previous or current health issues that would hinder  performance.

•             The horse should be able to walk, trot, canter and possibly jump.

•             The horse should ideally be between the ages of 7 - 15 years of age.

•             The horse should be up-to-date with all vaccinations, worming, farrier and veterinary care.

•             Should be easy to handle on the ground and when ridden.

•             Should get along with people and other horses.

•             Should have a gentle and friendly personality.

•             Should be "bombproof or unflappable".


Initially we will conduct a screening of the horse with the owner over the telephone, if successful we would then arrange a time to visit the horse at its current home to see him or her ridden and then to ride the horse ourselves. If it appears that the horse is suitable, we would then arrange for a 60 day trial at our ranch. After that, if successful, the horse would join our equine family and hopefully be with us for an extended period of time. We also ask a 60-day donation of the horse’s feed. All donations are tax-deductible.

If you feel that this is an arrangement that would work for you and that your horse or pony could be a potential candidate, please contact us by email, providing as much information as possible. Please email any pictures or video that you may have of your horse.


Thank you so much for your consideration. We look forward to hearing from you soon. Our horses are a happy and healthy bunch who enjoy medical, dental and vacation benefits!


Information required for the consideration of your horse donation:

•             Owner's Name, Phone and Email address

•             How long have you had this horse?

•             Why are you looking for a new home for the horse?

•             Horse's Name, Age, Breed/Type, Height, Color?

•             Horse background and training? Trained in Western/English style riding?

•             Past illnesses or injury?

•             Regular vet and farrier care? Worming schedule? Shots up to date?

•             Does the horse work well inside and outside an arena?

•             How does the horse behave when groomed, tacked, led, and loaded into a trailer?

•             How does the horse behave around other horses?

•             Any behavior or temperment issues?

•             What has the horse been doing for the last 3 months?

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