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Our Horses

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Clients develop at their own pace

Enjoy the simple pleasures in nature

Be in the NOW, physically, mentally and spiritually.

Riding Academy Horses

It is a great honor to care for these magnificent beasts. They have much to teach we humans. In the horse training industry, there is a phrase many folks use called "horse whispering". "Horse listening" may be a more appropriate term. Active listening teaches us to intuit a horse's level of response to an "ask." A horse may really only need just a little pressure when asked to perform a task; and if there is a "try", then the horse is rewarded immediately with a quick release of pressure. This forms mutual trust and respect for each other. Think of it as "less is more." This can be a valuable life-skill for humans and is learned through experiential education using the horse as a teacher.


We are happy to serve these gentle beasts who for centuries served we humans by carrying warriors to battle, plowing fields for agriculture and providing transportation.


Click through the menu above and visit our herd. If you have a horse that you think would work well in our program, follow this link to learn how to: Donate a Horse

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