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Our Students

Re-connect with self


Discover a new balance in mind, body and spirit

Remember what trust and respect feels like

Our Students experience what it takes to become a reliable partner to their horse, their team and themselves. Our Riding Academy begins its educational program at the hitching rail where students learn how to safely manuever around a horse during grooming and saddling. Safety checks on equipment are reviewed each time before mounting. The riding session involves learning how to be a good leader to a herd of two... the student and the horse.


Here students learn to give clear signals for moving their horse forwards, backwards, left and right. At the end of each session, everyone pitches in cleaning up the training area and putting away the tools and equipment.


The Riding Academy educational program aligns  with a current movement in reclaiming what America once was with, the Cowboy's Code of the West.

Ten Principals to Live By from "Cowboy Ethics" by J.P. Owens.

Live Each Day with Courage   

Take Pride in Your Work   

Always Finish What You Start

Do What Has to Be Done   

Be Tough, But Fair   

When You Make A Promise, Keep It 

Ride For The Brand   

Talk Less And Say More   

Remember That Some Things Aren't For Sale

Know Where To Draw The Line


We also identify and celebrate Seven Core Values we can all share with others:








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