Partners and Sponsors


To our friends and families who support us by donating their time, cash or supplies. We appreciate all of you, There have been many over the years. The following list .....To make a donation, go to the Donations Page link on the left.

Tom and Deena LaJoie

Aly LaJoie

Hailey LaJoie

Don and Mindy Plumlee

Maddie Plumlee

Mark and Pam Solon

Sophie Solon

Carol MacGregor

Idaho Community Foundation

Helen Perkins Trust

Sam Malhas

Dree Eno

Jan Cook

Teresa Ruth

Linda Black & Perfect Balance Hoof Care

Gary Towle Outfitters

David Neilson

Susane Wolf

Robyn Cathey

Adrian and Catherine Downs

Kristen, Bob & Cheryl Binda

White Bear


William Terry


This page is still under construction. Please check back after 01-06-2014.

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