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Here is a new list of current sponsors that are helping our Equine Assisted Activities and Therapies riding program successful.

Spalding Labs has provided us with Fly Predators since 2010.


Guess what? They work, and we are always happy to see each month's package of the little buggers arrive.


Click their logo to review their page. You'll find they have a variety of natural insect control products.

Molly's Custom Buckles provides excellent buckle awards for recognition. Click their logo to find them on the web.


Sponsors play a big role in our yearly operations, with horse care and funding Equine Assisted Activities and Therapies to families and individuals who need help with the costs.

We also provide our volunteers with fun activities to show appreciation for their devoted work.

Over the years, we have hosted play days where we give out ribbons and awards to participants and volunteers. It is delightful to see eyes light up when they receive a momentum to take home with them after all the good work they've put into their horse/human partnership.

Every year we get special discounts for the care of our horses in hoof care, dental care, chiropractic and body work care, and daily supplements and feeds, even fly control.

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